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Nutrition Coach

Klara is a Certified Nutrition Coach and the Founder of Nourishi, a nutrition consultancy that specializes in women, family, and children’s nutrition. After spending almost 15 years working in the corporate world, Klara’s nutritional journey began when her busy and stress-filled lifestyle triggered significant health challenges that she wasn’t able to satisfactorily overcome with traditional interventions alone. Changing her nutrition helped her completely transform her wellbeing and restore full health, and made her realize how powerful the food we eat every day truly is. Since then she certified as a Nutrition Coach and founded her own nutrition consultancy Nourishi, where she helps clients optimise their personal and family nutrition, so that they can feel at their best every day, support their long-term health and live their life to their fullest.

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Kaccey Mayer

Kaccey is an Australian trained Early Years teacher who has taught internationally (Australia, Japan and Switzerland) for the past 14 years. She is also a mother to two young children

Vice Principal

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Originally from the UK I have worked in education for 25 years. I started as an English as a foreign language (EFL) teacher in the 1990’s working in Japan, Australia, Sumatra and Denmark. After obtaining my DELTA I then became a CELTA teacher trainer helping to establish a successful teacher training centre in Basel. In 2007 I was Teacher Development Chair for ETAS (English Teachers Association Switzerland) responsible for organizing annual SIG conferences before moving into mainstream education in 2009. I went on to gain a PG Cert and specialist teaching credential in teaching secondary students with Dyslexia. I am an AMBDA (Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association) and certified Dyslexia Assessor and recently completed my Master’s in Education with the University of Birmingham UK.  I'm currently the school Vice-Principal at Academia international school Basel. 

Klara Debeljak

Stephanie Wimmer

The Work mit Silvan Austausch Vormittage

Silvan specializes in tutoring and coaching and has ten years experience in specifically helping young people and families experience more ease, joy and freedom in their lives.

During his years at university he studied transformational coaching, which radically shifted his way of seeing the world around him. Previously, he realized he mostly lived in his mind, feeling disconnected from others but mostly from his own authentic self. Through the coaching work, his perspective shifted into a new way of seeing and being in the world; more joy and freedom which naturally changed how he connected with himself and others.

In 2018 he decided to train as a certified coach with The Work of Byron Katie, a method he had been practicing on himself for years. The Work is living meditation; a simple, yet profound way to meet any stressful thoughts with understanding and stillness. Through The Work he experiences a deeper trust and peace with anything that arises in life and it has brought so much freedom and joy that is is his passion to share this way of being with others.

Private Tutor & Coach

Silvan Wirz



Sinead Botterill

Clinical Psychologist


Sinead Botterill is an Australian and UK trained clinical psychologist with over 10 years experience working with children, adolescents and adults in a range of settings.  She has a special interest in working with children with ASD, learning disabilities and behavioural difficulties. Currently, Sinead works with Foundations for Learning in Zurich providing psychological assessment, consultation and support and for the National Health Service in London conducting ASD assessments.

Julia Dahlet

Speech & Language Pathologist


I am an American speech/language pathologist licensed in the state of Illinois and certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association.  I received a Bachelor of Science in speech, language, and hearing sciences and a Master of Science in speech/language pathology. My interests are in pragmatic language, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, and language/literacy. Before moving to Switzerland, I was the sole SLP in a K-5 public elementary school where I provided direct, individualised speech and language therapy to children with a variety of communication and academic needs.  I co-taught social language groups to support communication and language needs in order for students to access the academic curriculum and improve social communication.

Lydia Eckstein

Character Education Researcher


Lydia Eckstein is a multi-lingual TCK who has spent the last 20 years working as a teacher, presenter and coordinator in international schools in London, Istanbul, Chiang Mai and Switzerland. She coordinates service and experiential learning programmes and is the Personal Development (PDP) programme coordinator for Grades 9 to 12 at the Inter-Community School in Zurich. Lydia holds an MA in International Education and is involved in researching Character Education and Social and Emotional Wellbeing. Over the past three years she led the character education research project at the Inter-Community School in Zurich

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Jessica Gigandet

Speech and Language Therapist

I've been working with students in Zürich since 2014, but I'm originally from Oklahoma, USA. I received a bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders, as well as a Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. I have experience working with individuals of all ages struggling with various communication disorders such as articulation, phonological, and language disorders, autism, apraxia of speech, and accent reduction. 
When working with children, I've found that early identification and intervention provide them with the best opportunity for success. I always encourage parents to be involved in the therapy process. 

Rylla Resler

Mindfulness & Yoga Trainer


When I received my degree in business, I never imagined I’d put it to use for myself in Switzerland. When I tried my first yoga pose, I never thought someday I’d teach. And when I volunteered to help organize personal development workshops because I loved them and so wanted to share what I had learned, I didn’t expect that I’d translate that into Mindfulness Courses in Switzerland.I think we all have a ripple effect on the environment and people around us. Teaching yoga and mindfulness requires me to keep learning and working on myself, improving the ripple effect I create. And then I get to share it with others. And that is, I’m quite sure, why I was put on the planet.


Dr Irina Schurov

PhD in Neuroscience

Prior to founding LiveRight, I worked extensively in the Neuroscience field with experience in some of the world’s leading academic labs, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies. Driven by a passion to help people live healthier and improve their quality of life, I have expanded my field to encompass not only the science of the brain but also the science of nutrition. I created LiveRight: an initiative to share my knowledge of nutritional science and wellbeing strategy. By building an educational platform around healthy eating habits, by restoring the relationships between people and food, by supporting your individual circumstances and through personalised coaching in nutrition, I want to help you and your family achieve the optimal balance between health and life.

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Education Consultant


Stefanie is an experienced teacher who has worked in public and private schools in Switzerland and the UK. Her many years of employment in public and private schools have given me valuable insights into the Swiss education sector.  

She uses her own experience in, and knowledge of, schools to help families determine which schooling option is right for them. Her mission is to provide families with the tools and coaching to best support their journey through the education system. As an independent education advisor, she is not affiliated to any school. 

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JulieAnne Dietz

Educational and Career Consultant


JuliaAnne is an American trained school counsellor, educational and career consultant specialising in higher education and career exploration and implementation for adolescents and young adults. She graduated from Columbia University with a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology in 2007.  Prior to that she received both a Masters and Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Fairfield University, where she was a scholarship soccer player. Over the last decade she has worked as a college advisor at Fairfield University, (CT, USA) a U.S. high school counselor , and as a leading college consultant; teaching her innovative college search techniques to students, athletic clubs, counseling departments and families.

Tanya Komandt

Digital Coach

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Tanya has spent 20 years in education teaching both primary and secondary students in Israel, the US, and Switzerland, primarily in mathematics and technology.  She is particularly interested in student-driven technology leadership as well as the development and evolution of digital design. She is currently the Secondary Instructional & Digital Coach at the Inter-Community School of Zurich. 


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April Remfrey

Educational Consultant

April is an educational consultant and focuses her time working with families that have children with special needs and are planning a relocation to an expat location.

Originally from Iowa, USA, her experience in Special Education spans more than two decades. During this time, she has been fortunate to work with children with disabilities, their teachers, and their families in defining plans and strategies to create positive and constructive learning environments. 

April double-majored in Special Education and Elementary Education, and then earned a Master’s Degree in Exceptional Education. 

Madeleine Stadler

Psychologist for Children

and Adolescents FSP

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Madeleine founded her own psychological practice 16 years ago. She specialised in the enhancement of learning and development in children and adolescents by applying a broad knowledge base from varied perspectives and disciplines with the aim of helping to support children in their personal growth. She offers coaching, learning therapies, and psychological assessments. 

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