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Dr Alicia Chodkiewicz



I'm an educational psychologist from Australia. Prior to becoming an educational psychologist, I worked directly with children and adolescents in various capacities, including

  • educator (teaching English as a second language, piano, literacy & mathematics) to individuals and groups  

  • teaching assistant in mainstream and special needs schools

  • ABA therapist with children on the Autism Spectrum 


My academic research has focused on how to best support children and adolescents develop a positive approach to learning.  As part of this research I created a program and wrote a book titled: Believing You Can is the first step to Achieving. It is a resource for psychologists and teachers to promote positive thinking styles and learning.


  • Doctorate of Philosophy

       Exeter University, United Kingdom


  • Masters of Educational & Developmental Psychology   Monash University, Australia


  • Bachelor of Psychology

        University of Sydney, Australia 



  • Swiss National Psychology Board  Psychologieberufekommission in Bern


  • Federation of Swiss Psychologists

        FSP in Bern


  • Swiss Federation for Child and Youth Psychology SKJP, Solothurn

  • International Testing Psychologists in Switzerland



​​My aim is to support children and young people to believe in themselves and their ability to grow. I work together with young people, families, and schools to help create an improved understanding of a student's current learning profile and future potential. I engage young people in the learning process by using learning activities that are fun and motivating. I work with young people to help manage big emotions, overcome difficulties and resolve conflicts.

Since moving to Switzerland in 2014 I have worked as an educational psychologist and learning support specialist with both the Foundations for Learning in Zurich and the Center for Developmental and Personality Psychology (ZEPP) at the University of Basel. Through these roles, I have worked closely with a number of local and international schools across Switzerland.  This work includes: 

  • Screening assessments

  • Diagnostic assessments

  • Applications for examination accommodations

  • Individual learning support (mathematics, reading & spelling, written expression)

  • Counseling and group programs with children and adolescents

  • Teacher and parent workshops



cover page.jpeg

Believing you can is the first step to achieving [Book]

 by Chodkiewicz A. R. & Boyle C. (2015)

largepreview (1).png

Positive psychology school-based interventions: A reflection on current success and future directions [Article]

by Chodkiewicz A. R. & Boyle C. (2017)  


Promoting  positive learning in Australian students aged 10-12 years using attribution retraining and cognitive behavioural therapy [Article]


by Chodkiewicz A. R. & Boyle C. (2016)  

largepreview (2).png

Exploring the contribution of attribution retraining to student perceptions and the learning process [Article]

by Chodkiewicz A. R. & Boyle C. (2014)

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