I offer a range of services for English speaking children and adolescents 


Each student is unique, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Assessments help identify each student's cognitive and academic profile, and provide information on how to best support their learning. 


The most common reasons for an assessment 

  • a student is having difficulties in a specific academic domain

  • a student is struggling with memory or attention

  • a student may be eligible for examination accommodations (access arrangements)

Assessment costs vary and are charged on an hourly rate. A simple assessment typically costs between 1,500 - 2,000 CHF


                         to learn how to prepare for an assessment.

                        to learn more about the assessment tools used.  


Every individual has the potential to learn. However, no single form of teaching will work for every student. It is important, therefore, that a student is provided the right kind of support. I provide tailored academic support to help each student find the way of learning that works best for them. 


Academic support is provided in the following areas for students in primary school: 

  • Reading & Spelling

  • Mathematics

  • Written Expression

Academic support is charged at 120CHF/hr


                          to see some of the academic resources used.


How students think about themselves and their learning can have a significant impact on their wellbeing at school. Therapy can provide children with tools to help: 

  • Manage big emotions

  • Develop problem-solving and conflict resolution skills

  • Build self-esteem and motivation

  • Navigate peer issues


I am currently only offering therapy to children in primary school. 


Therapy is charged at 180CHF/hr


                        to see some of the academic resources used.


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